The Last Days of Pregnancy

I recently read an article by Jana Studelska CPM/LM on Mothering that I loved so much I wanted to link to it straight from my Beautiful Birth Blog. I also want to share my favorite excerpt from the article.

"We need time and space to prepare for that journey. And somewhere, deep inside us, at a primal level, our cells and hormones and mind and soul know this, and begin the work with or without our awareness."

This article really stuck with me. So many times we hear at the end of pregnancy how exhausted and done the woman is. I've been there. I went past my EDD and I was so very done being pregnant. I know how rough the end can be. But I also know that if we can find it in ourselves to treasure that time of standing on the edge just before we jump we will find peace in our souls. 

Read the full article here. It's beautiful.