About Me

I'm Sue, a mother, a wife, a doula, and a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor. I'm also a photographer, a healer, a web designer, a reader, a dancer, a writer, and a dreamer. I have a passion for life! My family is my favorite thing. My husband Aaron and my daughter Everly make my life happy.

My goal is to help other women have their desired birth experience, no matter their birth preferences. Childbirth is beautiful in all forms!

I am trained through both Sacred Doula and DONA International. I have attended several births over the past 2 years and provided postpartum support for mothers and their families. I have taken courses in doula support, childbirth, and breastfeeding, as well as attending several retreats and continuing education conferences in my field. I'm a proud member of the Utah Doulas Association and I'm currently serving on the UDA Board. I'm also a certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor teaching Sacred Pregnancy Classes and Sacred Birth Journey classes. I'm also a certified Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster. I help women to embrace and appreciate their unique experience as they transition from maiden to mother. Birthing women are strong, powerful, and beauty-full.

It is my life's work to serve women. I truly, deeply believe in what I do. I will fully support your choices in childbirth! 

I believe in empowering women and being informed of your birth choices. I believe in doing what's best for you and your baby. I believe in birth your way. I believe in the power of the female body and in love and support through childbirth. I believe in birth with trust and love.

I am currently based in Davis County, Utah. I also serve Salt Lake and Weber Counties.
If you have any questions about childbirth or having a doula please contact me.