Baby Lily ~ Sue was an incredible doula! She met with me and my husband a couple times before our birth to go over our birth plan and to answer any questions we had. She was very professional and personable during these sessions. She kept in good contact as our birth got closer and closer, making sure I was doing ok and there when I needed her. When things started going opposite of how we wanted (an induction instead of a natural birth) she was a great support. She arrived at the hospital quickly and immediately started making me feel more comfortable and calm. I felt very much at ease knowing that Sue would be the advocate I needed her to be if my husband or I couldn't communicate our desires. At the same time she was very respectful of our decisions and was truly there for me. She helped me with breastfeeding our little girl soon after she arrived, and I loved that she stayed with me after my birth so I didn't have to be alone when my husband accompanied our baby to the nursery. Sue was just fantastic. She kept in contact with me for a few weeks following my birth to make sure everything was going well and offered lactation advice and the emotional support I needed as a new mom. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a doula, and I cannot picture having anyone else there for my next birth. ~ Chaely Hill

Baby Samuel ~ When I had my first child, Elizabeth, my husband and mom were there to help me with my delivery. Through the whole ordeal we felt overwhelmed, rushed, and exhausted. I ended up having a C-section delivery which was very hard on me emotionally. Sue is my older sister and at the time was living in Japan. We talked about Elizabeth’s birth for months after it happened, especially while Sue was preparing to have her own birth. Through Sue’s experiences, she decided to become a doula and we talked about how great it would be for her to be with me for the birth of my second child. About a year after we talked about these dreams, they came true. Sue worked with me as we neared the end of my pregnancy to visualize the natural birth that I longed for. We did meditations, massage, and breathing exercises to prepare ourselves for the delivery along with my husband and mom. The same conditions that I had with Elizabeth presented themselves again. I was not dilated at all a week after my due date. The midwives that we were delivering with suggested we use the Cook catheter to help dilation/contractions begin. The four of us went to the hospital and began the long journey to bring another precious life into this world. The Cook catheter is also known as the Foley-bulb in case you’ve heard of that instead. Basically it is a tube with two inflatable bulbs on the end meant to be filled with water to put pressure on your cervix. Sue suggested this method and the Midwives jumped on board. It is a non-medication method to naturally ripening your cervix and worked great! It took about 12 hours to dilate my cervix to about 3 cm. Once it was removed, we walked and walked and walked- up and down stairs, all throughout the hospital. The four of us were having a nice, slow progression. Sue was amazing as she guided us into the different stages of delivery. The contractions were picking up and I was dilating at a healthy rate. After 24 hours of laboring without medicine and progressing to 8 cm, the midwives suggested that they tear the amniotic sac. We discussed it as a birth team and agreed to their idea. After the sac was torn, the contractions intensified quickly. I labored through a lot of pain but had the reassurance from Sue, Aaron and my mom that we could get through it. The midwives checked my cervix, assuming that we were ready for delivery only to discover that we had regressed to only 5 cm. The amniotic sac had been putting pressure on the cervix, allowing it to open more. When I heard this I began to cry. The pain of contractions were overwhelming and that news pushed me over the edge. We decided it would be best to have an epidural and called for the anesthesiologist. During the hour it took to get the medicine hooked up and flowing in my body, the contractions began coming every minute along with intense pain. At that point the midwife and doctor on duty came to tell us Sam wasn’t handling them well. They couldn’t get a good read on his heart rate which was very low. They suggested another C-section which we quickly agreed to. Half an hour later, Samuel was born and the stress that had built up was slowly leaving the room. Sue helped us to calm down and enjoy being with our brand new boy. As my doula and more importantly my sister, Sue knew how hard having a C-section would be on me and she talked me through what had happened and my feelings on the past 28 hours. She helped me to look carefully at Sam and appreciate the miracle that had just occurred, even if it didn’t go as I had planned. We were all able to feel the love and joy that comes with bringing a new baby into this world. In the months after Sam’s birth, Sue and I have revisited those long hours and she is helping me to heal emotionally once more. I am very grateful to have had Sue at Samuel’s birth. I know that even if she had not been my sister she still would have provided that much love and care for me. Sue is an amazing woman and doula. I love her! ~ Shelly Jaynes

Baby Emerie ~ Sue is incredible! She has a natural instinct for helping women (and their partner) through the ups and downs of childbirth. I previously had 2 boys via c-section and since the option for a VBAC was off the table for me due to other medical issues, I really didn’t think a doula could work for me. I also didn’t think that I could have a c-section that felt more like a ‘normal’ birth and not just surgery. I was so wrong! Sue was an AMAZING support for me. She introduced me to the idea of a ‘Natural/Family Centered Cesarean’ which included so many experiences I never had with my boys. While I searched to find hospitals in the area who would consider doing them, in hopes of convincing my hospital to let me attempt it, I was able to be in contact with her about the progress I had made, and she kept me motivated even when it was discouraging. I was able to meet with her a few times during my pregnancy. There were so many things I didn’t know I could have asked for with my first 2 pregnancies. Sue was able to help me understand what options I had. Her help played a big role in getting my hospital to let us attempt most of what I wanted in my delivery. For so many women, myself included, a C-section is disappointing because you have no control. Sue helped me to get that control back. The day my daughter was born, Sue met me and my husband at the hospital. I was having a scheduled C-section, and Sue was there talking me through everything beforehand. She helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for the surgery and getting to do skin-to-skin in the OR. She went over my birthplan just before I went back so I could remember to get what I asked for. She kept me calm, rubbed my back, and anything that she thought could help. I didn't even have to ask, she just knew. She helped to make sure I remembered what I wanted to ask about, and make sure things happened. When I returned to my room, she was there to help with our first breastfeeding. When she wasn’t assisting me directly, she was capturing photographs of our first moments with our daughter. If it weren't for her, I would not have been able to enjoy the benefits in the OR, such as my husband getting to cut the cord, skin to skin just minutes after birth, my baby staying in the room for the whole surgery, etc. The hospital would not have even attempted to allow any of these things if Sue had not been there working with me to make it happen. Because of her, my C-section felt so much more like a 'regular' birth, and not just surgery. Because of her, we have started a great change in the hospital for other mothers. I can’t imagine going through another pregnancy and C-section without her. I highly recommend her services no matter what kind of birth experience you will be having. You will not be disappointed! ~ Amber Jenks